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Rosalind Hill

Managing Editor, PRIME Journal, London

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  • Enid Black

    Surely there are more than one element to successful businesses? Combining Lord Sugar’s contacts, business acumen and experience with clinicians, buying in clinical expertise, writing the best protocols, accessing the best training courses, maybe even higher education courses such as a Masters in Aesthetics and combining this with clinical shadowing and mentoring from his contacts all add to the mix of a successful business!

    I don’t understand your logic of if you’re not a very experienced clinician in all aspects of aesthetics you can’t set up a business in this field? As long as proper policy, protocol, training and supervision of developing staff is done, which will be done for such a high profile business, then I don’t see the problem.

    It’s the kind of ‘Aesthetics Elitism’ which personifies everything wrong with the industry. Unfortunately nurses bring shame upon their profession by jealousy of those who do well whilst medics praise each other. When did nurses lose their way and spend their life criticising others instead of getting on with it? Oh yes, when they try and pretend that Aesthetics is not about making money…

    • Prime Journal

      Thanks for your comments, Enid! It will certainly be interesting to watch the roll out of Dr Totton’s enterprise.

  • bob

    There have been many states in the US, which have now banned non-plastic surgeons or dermatologists from opening a medispa due to the vast number of malpractice cases against doctors who are not qualified to perform this type of medicine. In the US only the very best doctors get into plastic surgery or dermatology residencies and they spend 10+ years in school for that specialization. To allow someone who isn’t even a GP yet to run an aesthetic practice is truly sad to see. I feel sorry for the patients that they will treat, the only winners here are the greedy business people who back these types of medical practices.




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