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Charmaine Chow – Harley

Charmaine Chow  – Harley

PRIME talks to Charmaine Chow, Founder of Harley, about how the new technology platform can help practitioners boost skincare sales…

Dr Gabriel Serrano

As Sesderma plans its 30th anniversary, PRIME talks to Dr Gabriel Serrano, president and founder of Sesderma and Mediderma Professional…

Bob Fabbio, eRelevance

Bob Fabbio, eRelevance

PRIME talks to Bob Fabbio, Founder and CEO of eRelevance, about how their marketing technology services, designed specifically for aesthetic…

Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery

Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery

PRIME talks to Christopher Rowland Payne about his new comprehensive textbook entitled, ‘Cosmetic Medicine & Surgery’, which he co-edited along…

Todd Zavodnick: Zeltiq®

Todd Zavodnick:  Zeltiq®

Todd Zavodnick takes the reins as President, International for ZELTIQ® and Wendy Lewis sat down with him at the AAD…